3-Step Feminine Wash Routine for Deep Cleansing

Set A: Araya Special Value Set

It is easy to think that feminine wash is a simple task you can incorporate in taking a bath but intimate hygiene should be an entirely separate thing from your regular body hygiene. The ladies’ intimate area is extremely sensitive and requires a nourishing treatment of its own. While most of us don’t have enough time to spare, here’s a quick and easy 3-step feminine wash routine to deep cleanse your intimate area. If you’re wondering what is feminine wash and what steps or additional products you need to use, read on.

Araya Extra Sensitive Feminine Cleanser

Step 1: Cleanser
The first step is to use feminine wash effectively. Choose the best feminine wash suitable for gentle cleansing of the intimate area. Use about 1-2 pumps of specially formulated cleanser such as Araya Extra Sensitive Feminine Cleanser with gentle aqueous formula. Crafted with cosmeceutical innovation for intimate area cleaning and nourishing, it has the unique effectiveness of lactic acid natural extracts combined with the protection of DEFENSIL®-PLUS. Together with Anti-microbial Complex, it directly nourishes your skin with nano-vitamin technology. This feminine hygiene wash is made with natural ingredients sourced from France.

Step 2: Massage and rinse
Massage over the external intimate area after applying feminine wash and rinse thoroughly with water. Remember to wash your intimate area gently. No need for the harshness of scrubbing or the use of any washing tools, just gently massage your intimate parts with your hands is enough. Easy-peasy and fuss-free.

Araya Advanced Recovery Serum(40ml)

Step 3: Serum
To finish off your feminine wash routine, use Araya Recovery Serum for an effective outcome. This specifically formulated serum offers tightening, whitening, moisturising, soothing and anti-microbial action. Paired with the best feminine wash, it helps keep your intimate part clean and moisturised. This revolutionary restoring treatment nourishes with its active cellular restoration combined with natural extracts imported from France.

And that’s an easy, attainable 3-step feminine wash routine you can do for a deep cleanse daily! For more helpful tips on the best feminine wash, finding out what is feminine wash and how to use feminine wash properly, stay tuned to this blog and our Facebook page. You can also shop at our e-store and experience Araya’s line of premium feminine care products.


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