Feminine care tips ladies should be doing now

Ladies, our intimate area deserves only the most gentle feminine care. While you take good care of your body, your skin, or your hair, you should also take time to pamper your lady parts. Nowadays, you could find a variety of femcare products – feminine care wash, feminine care wipes, you name it. But how do you which product will work best? Read more about our feminine care tips to find out!

Our intimate part is extremely sensitive. It must always maintain a good pH balance. Because it has an opening, it is highly prone to infection. And although our bodies have a natural self-cleaning mechanism, feminine care is still important to keep the intimate area clean and healthy.

The best way to take care of your intimate area is to develop a feminine care habit or routine. Before you hop out of the shower, take a few minutes to wash your intimate parts with feminine care wash. Opt for a natural feminine wash made with a gentle aqueous formula such as ARAYA Extra Sensitive Feminine Cleanser Cleanser. This cosmeceutical innovation has a unique effectiveness of lactic acid natural extracts combined with the protection of DEFENSIL®-PLUS together with Anti-microbial Complex directly nourishing your skin with nano-vitamin technology. Additionally, it is developed to have pH4.5 which is similar to a healthy vagina that is naturally mild acidic without destroying beneficial bacteria that help fend off infections.

It is also a good habit to stock some femcare products in your vanity kit when you’re out and about or travelling. Feminine care wipes are staples products when you have to use public restrooms. When you’re staying somewhere and have to skip shower altogether, it’s handy to have feminine care wipes and prioritise cleaning your intimate area. Always clean front to back to avoid bringing harmful bacteria from the behind.

Aside from femcare products, the food you take is also a part of feminine care. Probiotic-rich foods such as yoghurt help maintain the healthy balance of bacteria to promote a good pH to promote the healthy growth of Lactobacillus to prevent yeast infection.

For more feminine care tips, stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page. If you want to incorporate ARAYA products in your feminine care routine, shop at our e-store now!

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