How is Araya feminine different from the serum?
Araya feminine cleanser helps gently wash intimate area externally. The products have an adapted pH that respects the natural acidity of the vagina. Moreover, they are anti-bacterial and fungi the cause of unwanted odor.


Araya Advanced Recovery Serum have an adapted pH that respects the natural acidity of the vagina internally which inhibit bacteria growth the cause of unwanted odor and abnormal discharge. Moreover, it also helps reduce itching, irritation, inflammatory, and abnormal discharge. If use constantly it also helps brightening and tightening the area that you can feel.
Can Araya products be used daily?
Araya products are cosmeceuticals produce from natural ingredients and dermatologically tested from Dermscan Asia that they are gentle for all skin type even for sensitive skin and are suitable for daily use. It is recommended to use it twice daily.
How to use Araya’s products?
Araya Extra Sensitive Feminine Cleanser: Use about 1-2 pumps and apply it on the external area of your intimate area. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly with water.


Araya Advanced Recovery Serum: After cleansing, use about 1-2 pumps and apply it on the external area of your intimate area to soothe, tighten, brighten and moisturise it. Leave it on. Do not rinse.
I am pregnant. Can I use Araya’s feminine hygiene products?
Araya’s products are safe for pregnant woman and even infant as our ingredients are 100% natural and it does not contain any vitamin acid that is harmful to the infant. The safety is ensured with irritation test qualification by dermatologists from Dermscan Asia.
I’ve heard that if you have an infection or irritation you should wash with water only. Is this true?
If you have an infection the most important thing is to limit irritation to sensitive skin, so advice in the past has been to restrict any use of soap or body washes. But we are talking about skin here and just as you want a clean face or underarms we all want to feel clean in that area too. There’s a good option in Araya cleanser which are specifically formulated and safe to use to get clean in this area.
At what age can you start using Araya?
Araya can be used as of the first menstrual period. Generally, menstruation begins at around the age of 12, although it can begin earlier or later. Under the influence of hormones, secretions and odors can begin to occur. Araya products for daily intimate care can help to maintain the natural balance of your intimate zone, helping you to feel fresh and confident.
I’ve heard that using feminine hygiene products daily can cause itching and irritation.
That’s exactly what makes ARAYA so different. Our products are developed specifically for everyday use, and are clinically tested for irritancy potential before they hit retail shelves.


In exaggerated use testing (a type of testing that we commonly conduct on all ARAYA products), for instance, we ask clinical study participants to use ARAYA product many times daily for an extended period. The participants are examined before and after the study by a gynecologist, who is trained to look for evidence of redness, swelling or irritation. Based on the results of these clinical studies, only those products that are found to be non-irritating and safe for their intended use are introduced into the market under the ARAYA brand name.
Does it cure abnormal discharge?
Abnormal discharge is usually caused by yeast or a bacterial infection. With Araya, it does not only help to remove bacteria, but also restrain the growth of bacteria and fungus, keeping the pH level of your intimate parts balanced. When the pH of the intimate parts is balanced and healthy, the risk of getting an infection and abnormal discharge is reduced.
Does it really help brighten the area?
Araya Advanced Recovery Serum is made with an advanced antiseptic technology that contains the Fullerene, which provides 200 times stronger skin brightening power of Vitamin C and 125 times stronger skin restoration power of Vitamin E.
Can I have sexual intercourse after applying Araya Advanced Recovery Serum?
Yes, it is safe to have sexual intercourse with the serum on. In fact, the serum would provide anti-bacteria effect and also helps lubricate your intimate area to reduce skin injuries during sexual activity.
Is it fine to use the product if I don’t have any problem but just want to nourish?
Yes, it is fine to use the product even you don’t have any problem. You can use Araya to nourish and help protect your vagina from bacteria and yeast infection to prevent abnormal discharge and unwanted odor.
How long is the shelf life of the product?
The product shelf life is 1 year after opening the bottle.